• This operation is performed automatically and takes ⏳ 1 to 30 minutes.
  • Coins will be deposited after 10 network confirmations.
  • Limits on exchanges for one card: 10 operations per day, 100 operations per month. For operation: 25 000 UAH/per day: 140 000 UAH/per month: 250 000 UAH.
  • The final exchange rate will be fixed upon first block confirmation.

Please specify only VALID data in the applications. Indicating dummy data (including IP address) you violate the terms of use and will be blocked to ascertain the circumstances with the administration, and the funds will be returned excluding fee for 3 hours (during working hours).

Exchange rate: 1 ETC = 188.5601 UAH

min.: 2 ETC

min.: 2 ETC

max.: 24500 UAH

Including payment system fees Bank card (2.2627 UAH) , you receive
With fees*:
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Best place to exchange Ethereum Classic (ETC) to a bank card (UAH)

Ethereum Classic is the hard fork of the Ethereum digital coin, which was released a year earlier – in 2015. Classic Ether is based on the blockchain platform. It is used to create decentralized programs based on smart contracts. This cryptocurrency is in great demand, because it has a lot of advantages. It is actively developing and is decentralized, has a high level of liquidity, excellent throughput, increased security and good conditions for mining.

Many users store their assets in the Coin ETC, but over time they need an exchanger to complete a financial transaction. It is recommended to use the services of the LEOexchanger website. An ETC rate is always available here, and specialists will be happy to help complete the exchange. Other benefits inсlude:

  • Perfect market reputation. Today, many trust us in the Ethereum Classic exchange.
  • Minimum commission.
  • Reasonable pricing policy. ETC price is profitable.
  • Fast execution of operations. Transactions Ethereum Classic – Hryvnia bank card will not take much time.
  • Large foreign exchange reserves. ETC Ethereum Classic – card direction is available at any time of the day.

Ethereum Classic is a blockchain-crypto platform on which decentralized applications based on open source smart contracts are developed.

Bank card – a plastic card pinned to a bank account. With its help, you can pay for goods and services.

For exchange you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Fill in all the fields of the form submitted. Click «Exchange».
  2. Read the terms of the agreement on exchange services, when accepting it, please tick the appropriate field and press the button «Create bid».
  3. Pay for the bid. To do this, transfer the necessary amount, following the instructions on our website.
  4. After this is done, the system will redirect you to the «Bid status» page, where the status of your transferwill be shown.

Note: Exchange office is not responsible for the proper use of funds received and is not the guarantor of the payment system. Deal the final and non-refundable.