Work schedule of the operator:
Daily from 09:00 to 22:00 (UTC+3).
Automatic directions – 24/7.
Manual ~ 1-30 minutes per working time.

  • This operation is performed automatically 🕒 (24/7).
  • Coins will be deposited after 20 network confirmations.
  • The exchange rate is fixed at the time of payment confirmation , i.e. after receiving the 20nd confirmation. The adjustment is carried out relative to the Binance rates.

Please specify only VALID data in the applications. Indicating dummy data (including IP address) you violate the terms of use and will be blocked to ascertain the circumstances with the administration, and the funds will be returned excluding fee for 3 hours (during working hours).

Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1219.5234 USD

min.: 0.01 ETH max.: 0.82 ETH

max.: 0.82 ETH

min.: 12.1952 USD max.: 1000 USD

max.: 1000 USD

Write the number of your dollar wallet Payeer, which looks like this – P24644176.

Personal data

Enter your surname as in passport

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Enter your e-mail

Phone number should be represented in international format. Example: 74951234567

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Benefits of transferring Ethereum (ETH) to Payeer (USD) in our exchanger

Many Internet users were able to verify the wide capabilities of the Ethereum cryptocurrency. We are talking about a profitable online investment, which allows you to earn money on exchanges in the future. After a sufficient number of digital coins are accumulated in the wallet, there is a desire to make Ethereum withdrawal to Payeer Money. For safe, profitable, prompt execution of the operation, it is recommended to contact our website, where you will find out the Ethereum current price for the dollar and literally in a couple of clicks you can carry out the transaction.

There are several key reasons why making an exchange of Ethereum to USD is better on the LEOexchanger resource:

  • One hundred percent guarantee of operation. Ethereum to dollar will be successfully transferred.
  • Confidentiality. Our Payeer exchanger reliably stores confidential information and does not transfer it to third parties.
  • Competent support service. They will tell you everything about Payeer exchange and help complete the transaction.

Ethereum is a platform that uses smart contracts involved in various financial fields. The basis of this systеm is the cryptocurrency of the same name.

Payeer is an international electronic payment systеm founded in 2012 to pay for services on websites and conduct international transfers to different countries of the world.

For exchange you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Fill in all the fields of the form submitted. Click «Exchange».
  2. Read the terms of the agreement on exchange services, when accepting it, please tick the appropriate field and press the button «Create bid».
  3. Pay for the bid. To do this, transfer the necessary amount, following the instructions on our website.
  4. After this is done, the systеm will redirect you to the «Bid status» page, where the status of your transferwill be shown.

Note: Exchange office is not responsible for the proper use of funds received and is not the guarantor of the payment systеm. Deal the final and non-refundable.