Max Thaler

Max Thaler

Max Thaler – experienced crypto-expert who has been trading cryptocurrencies for 7 years and understands all features of blockchain technology.

Max was born in the Schaumburg, Illinois, a village near Chicago. His father worked at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and inspired young Max to study asset trading. Graduated from British International School of Chicago and University of Chicago with a diploma in economics.

Thaler’s way in cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems started in 2015, and today he writes articles for one of the best crypto services – and analyzes crypto-market with his deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market.

While studying at the university, Max took first place in some programming competitions. He received awards and gained invaluable experience. During that time, Max found out about cryptocurrencies. He decided to work in this area and made a trading bot which worked with Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin and Litecoin.

Realizing the full potential and importance of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Max decided to work for a large audience. Since 2019, Max has been a participant at many crypto events such as: Cryptocurrency World Expo, Dcentral Con, BlockShow, World Crypto Con, CoinAgenda and others.

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